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Goddess Maggie's physical looks make you want to steal a second glance should you catch her driving her car or walking down the aisle in the supermarket. You’ll be delighted at the sight of her tan smooth skin, baby doll frame, cinderella feet and auburn locks (or blonde ha ha). Her sultry blue eyes, kissable soft lips, and Irish looks are meant to entice you! 

Her health is important to her. She enjoys working out regularly 5-6 days a week. Never smoke. Never drink. No drugs. Haven't gotten sick in over 13 years. Before that, once every 2-3 years would get a 24hr virus.

Alright, let's get what I'm about to say out of the way to avoid you getting a hold of me if you're going to end up stiffing me the day of your appointment. First of all, it's despicable of you to not shown up or cancel the day of your appointment. Even more so, when you text me 2 hrs prior to your appointment that you can't or won't come. 

Don't ask me if I'm vaccinated. I won't ask you because I realize one's vaccination status is a very personal decision between each person and THEIR doctor. If you can not respect that then find someone else. 

Okay, now that that is out of the way........

As you review this site, you will find Maggie has a variety of offerings to choose from. 

Maggie is selective with whom she sees. She is low volume, prefers elite gentleman who are educated, affluent, and distinguished who enjoy stimulation of the mind. 

Goddess Maggie's personality can visit both extremes. At times she can be vulnerable and quiet. Other times feisty and outspoken. Maggie is a woman who is strong in her independence yet very much enjoys a true gentleman who hasn’t forgotten how to treat a lady. She appreciates the affections of a man who is polite, polished and preferential. 

Maggie is very intuitive to what the body needs emotionally, physically and spiritually. Many of her clients claim they have often felt the effects of being with her in a very positive light. Such as:





More relaxed

More at ease in their life

What sets Maggie apart is that she truly cares for other peoples' souls. Her desire is to help others become more consciously aware of self and go beyond what they think their own limitations are.

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