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Tantra is Life 

"Believing in something bigger than yourself can inspire other positive beliefs. If your world is already wide enough to include something higher than yourself, then why not think even bigger? Magical thinking is actually an advantage to humans in general. Believing in something bigger than yourself can expand your worldview, which leads to flexibility of thought and open mindedness. This is beneficial because being mentally and emotionally flexible helps people overcome obstacles in life and have better relationships overall. Essentially, believing in a world outside of our own expands the horizons of what our world can be." 

Pam Schaefer licensed therapist 

The above is everything to do with the offerings I provide to my clients. I offer a high-quality service to gentlemen and ladies 30 years of age and over who are interested in growing their life beyond the physical. The Tantra field is broad in what practitioners do for their clients. In the grand scheme of what Tantra is about is the practitioner helping their client access the individual self within them. Some people use words 'individual self', 'higher self', 'true self', 'soul' and 'spirit'. Pick what resonates with you. 

It is through the act of touch that we as humans feel cared for and nurtured. Truly, touch is breath and life. Why do you think breathing is so important? When we take slow, full deep breaths it helps to calm the nervous system. 

Tantra is one of the oldest forms of healing modalities in the world.  

See it as a science consciousness - the science of who we are. 





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In my sessions, I touch your body in such a way you will want to surrender. The body grounds us. Sometimes we need a little help from someone like a tantra practitioner who has the ability to touch us in such a way that helps the other person. It helps all parts of self. When we compartmentalize we essentially break away from the true self within us. This is why Tantra is healing. It's mind, body and soul connection.

The offerings on this site are about the experience. It is a journey into the esoteric, erotic arts!! Each session is as different as each person is unique. 

To familiarize yourself better about Tantra, I suggest reading/listening to Lama Yeshe's book 'Introduction To Tantra: The Transformation'. This is the YouTube link  Another book suggestion that is a short quick read is by Micheal Murdad 'An Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality'. 

"Passionate Enlightenment" by Miranda Shaw is also a good read. It is highly recommended you do some research for yourself before attending a session. This is YOUR LIFE and YOUR BODY. Research on what you are getting into before making an appointment. 

To learn more about Bondassage® click here

The videos on this site are for informational purposes only. Each Tantra and Bondassage® practitioner has her/his own way of doing their work. Do respect mine.  

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Touch IS Life

Allow me to touch your soul!

Touch IS Love 

 Breathe in Love 

Respect is Earned

Earn It Well 

Sacred Offerings

Singles Tantra Massage 

90 min        350

2 hrs            450

2.5 hrs         550 

3 hrs            650 


Couples Tantra Massage

Requires 200 Non-Refundable De​posit 

2 hrs            700 

2.5 hrs         800 

3hrs             900  

Shower Worship

Add on to any Tantra service  


Add Mutual Massage 


Add mutual massage to a service to enhance an extra level of connection that enlivens your senses.

 Please know that even though adding this service is consensual, honoring Goddess Maggie's  boundaries is  what consensual is. 


Each session is to be respected of what Maggie's boundaries are. 

Not for new clients. 



Bondassage OR Elysium

6 hrs $2400

Requires $700 

non-refundable deposit

This service includes 2.5 hrs of Bondassage or Elysium, Shower Worship, mutual massage and one meal. 

Must have seen Maggie at least once before receiving this service. 

Need 24 hrs notice.

Not for new clients. 

For Bondassage click here


6 hrs $1,500 

Requires $500 

non- refundable deposit

Includes Shower Worship, Mutual Massage and one meal. Must be an ongoing, respectful and honorable client.

Need 48 hrs notice.

Not for new clients. 

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