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Welcome to Goddess Maggie's World!!

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Tantra is Life 

Maggie's offerings are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction to the elite gentlemen and ladies 30 years in age and over.  She LOVES working with women and couples!! So men, open this door for your lady. She will squirm in delight when she experiences full body orgasmic bliss!! 

I invite you to peruse my site carefully. Then reach out with a polite email introduction.

Maggie provides her offerings to an elite clientele who values their time and money. They are interested in growing their life beyond the physical. 

Highly intuitive, Maggie's hands have a way of knowing what you need physically, emotionally and spiritually. Allow the flow of her hands to do their work. Don't let the word spiritual scare you as she does not judge if you are atheist. 

All of Maggie's offerings are about the experience. It is a journey into the erotic arts!! When we surrender to the unknown, we often experience so much more than we are capable of fathoming. Each session is as different as each person is unique. 

To familiarize yourself better about Tantra, Maggie suggests reading/listening to Lama Yeshe's book 'Introduction To Tantra: The Transformation'. This is the YouTube link  Another book suggestion that is a short quick read is by Micheal Murdad 'An Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality'. In fact, we prefer you read this book if you are knew to Tantra before scheduling with Goddess Maggie. 

To learn more about Bondassage® click here

The videos on this site are for informational purposes only. Each Tantra and Bondassage® practitioner has her/his own way of doing their work. 

When you choose Maggie as your guide, she works with your energy to build intense erotic tension, a weave and flow of your natural energies.  

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Touch IS Life

Allow me to touch your soul!

Love Love 

 Breathe in Love 

Respect is Earned

Earn It Well 

Sacred Offerings

Singles Tantra Massage 

90 min            350

2 hrs                450 

2.5 hrs             550 

3 hrs                650 


Couples Tantra Massage

Requires 200 

Non-Refundable De​posit 

2 hrs              700 

2.5 hrs            800 

3hrs               900  

Shower Worship

Add on 90 min minimum


Add Mutual Massage 


90 min. minimum massage required 

Mutual massage does not mean you're giving Maggie the same level of service she gives you. Each session is to be respected of what Maggie's boundaries are. 

Boundaries are discussed before it is time for you to massage her. 

This service is not for new clients. 

Add Light Bondage 


Practitioner uses her own bodyweight to hold down client's body while client is blindfolded during entire session.


If you're not quite ready for your wrists and ankles to be cuffed or roped in Bondassage or Elysium, adding light bondage is a start. 

There is no mutual touching!

For Bondassage click here

Full Day Excursion

6 hrs $1,500 

Requires $500 deposit

Includes Shower Worship, Mutual Massage and one meal. Must be an ongoing loyal, respectful and honorable client.

This offering is not for new clients. 

Get in touch


Houston, Delaware 19954

30 min from Dover or Lewes

1 hr 45 min from Baltimore/DC 

2 hrs from Philly


Interested in scheduling? Fill out contact form in full or email [email protected]

In your first email from us is our screening process. 

Screening is non-negotiable.  

Thank YOU


Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 7:00pm
Sat: 9:00am - 3:00 pm
Sun: Closed