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1) Where is Maggie located? Houston, Delaware 19954

2) What are Maggie's hours? 

Monday Friday 9 - 8:00pm (start time)

Saturdays 9 - 3  After 3pm incurs a $50 extra charge

Sundays are at Maggie's discretion. Appointments set on Sunday incurs an additional $50 for single or couples session. This fee does not apply to add on services, all day excursion, extended date or immersions. 

3) Do you really take your cancellation policy seriously? Yes, absolutely! Maggie has been in this business for 14 years. In the health and wellness field for over 30. Have learned a lot and have been burnt to many times by those who cancel or worse, no show, on a confirmed appointment. What she does and all practitioners do, needs to be treated as a business regardless of your feelings about the industry. Just because we do what we do, does not exempt said client from being responsible when they no show or cancel without giving proper notification. Just like any business in the health and wellness field, there is a fee assessed when a client breaks their appointment. Money is lost when a client fails to provide proper notification. When one chooses to lack responsibility and respect for our cancel policy,  you will be blocked and blacklisted and will not be seen again. THE ONLY way to be seen again is when you submit payment for any and all late cancels or N/S. 

My rates are not negotiable under any circumstances. Any attempts to negotiate will result in termination of communication and the inability to book.

4) Does Maggie offer outcall? no

5) Does Maggie have an age requirement? Yes, Maggie prefers spending time with individuals over 30

6) Does Maggie accept credit cards? no

7) Does Maggie offer mutual massage/touching? Depends on the service you have scheduled. When you have her highest regard in place personally and professionally sessions will go smoothly. There is NO TOUCHING without consent

8) Does Maggie offer longer sessions? Yes. Maggie offers six hour excursions, extended dates and immersions. 

9) What does Maggie do in longer sessions? This depends on which service you choose. For longer Tantra sessions your purpose of why you seek tantra is very important to know. Tantra is a technique which utilizes the senses. It is meant to ease the mind, relax into self, and a gaining of self awareness. Eye Gazing, Spooning, Guided meditation, use of Tibetan Bowls, teaching about the Charkas, teaching yoga moves, using colors, silk caressing your body, are all examples that can be added into longer sessions. 

>Bondassage and Elysium are naturally meant to be longer sessions due to the work and journey she takes you on!! We do not discuss what happens in sessions. You are not supposed to know. It's what makes Tantra, Bondassage, and Elysium what it is....... a surrender! Respect the process.

10) What is the difference between your immersion and extended date? 

The purpose of the immersions is to delve deep into one's own issues and traumas. We all have them, so please don't think you are the exception. Trauma comes in many forms. It's a healing journey utilizing talk therapy (coaching and counsel), guided visualizations, meditations, and sacred sexological bodywork. 

Extended dates are for pleasure companionship. 

11) How will Maggie be dressed when I arrive for my session? Maggie will be in normal everyday clothes.

12) Can I call or text Maggie? Calls and texts are used to schedule, cancel or reschedule. Not for chit chat. 

13) Does Maggie offer prostate massage? It may or may not be included in her Bondassage and Elysium sessions.

14) Does Maggie have a shower facility? Yes, inform Maggie if you will need use of shower.

15) Can Maggie send me pictures? No sweetlings! Images of Maggie on this site are very real and authentic. Thank you kindly  

16) Is my information and our time confidential? Privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and we assure absolute discretion.

17) What if my partner contacts you for a get together without my knowledge? We’re here to enhance communication and intimacy, and deepen the connection between partners. Open communication is essential to that goal. For this reason, we do not meet with a couple unless both parties agree. This means both parties must go through the screening process. 

18) Do you work with single men and women, straight or gay? Yes! We are happy to coach and work with single men and women-gay or straight. 

19) I'm a member of P411. Can I be exempt from Maggie's screening? P411 clients are not exempt from being screened. It is there to assure safety for both parties. Just because you may have 3-30 'okays' does not mean you and Maggie would be 'okay' for each other. 


 Bondassage and Elysium 

Creating a safe “container”

Once we get started, you may find that you want something different from what we discussed beforehand. We don’t go beyond our agreed experience once it begins, but if you decide that you want to experience something outside of our agreement we can set up another appointment to create that experience for you. Because of this, there is a question/answer in every Bondassage and Elysium session. 


Investments are all minimum contributions for Goddess Maggie's time. Gratuity and gifts or additional support are always appreciated, but never expected. The investment you put into your appointments are simply for the time that you spend with her. Anything that may or may not occur is a matter of personal choice and personal preferences between two consenting adults. 

Maggie is privy and will choose her companions wisely as she screens them.

Always show kindness and respect.