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Session Etiquette

  1.  Goddess Maggie caters to an exclusive clientele. To provide the highest level of service she only sees a few clients a week. The best way to guarantee we get started on the right foot is to read this site in its entirety to familiarize yourself with my requirements and preferences to ensure we are a good match.
  2. Place donation fanned out in clear view on table before session starts.
  3. To maximize your pleasure do not eat a heavy meal or consume alcohol 12 hrs prior to your session. Upon arrival, your Goddess will offer you water and invite you to unwind for a few minutes and you can share more about your desires and ask her questions. If you’re arriving straight from work or the airport and are not freshly showered you will be required to shower before your session. This helps to transition from the outside world. 
  4. If you smoke, please refrain from smoking at least 2 hrs prior to your appointment.
  5. Alcohol is contradictory to massage. One should remain alcohol free for 12-24 hrs before receiving any type of bodywork. Massage lowers stress, therefore it lowers blood pressure. Alcohol is dehydrating to the body. It is important to consume water throughout your day to help keep the body hydrated.
  6. Maggie understands your profession may require you to be on call, but we encourage you to turn your phone off.
  7. Goddess Maggie will treat you with respect. She expects to be treated with the adoration and honor of a Regal Goddess. This is not a full-service temple. No means no. Maggie reserves the right to terminate your session without explanation or refund.

Respect Goddess Maggie's time by keeping your appointments, otherwise you will be required to pay any cancel/late fees. Cancel policy is on FAQS page, contact page and in all emails between us. So do not use the excuse you didn't know there is one. 

Calling Goddess Maggie when you are running early or behind your appointment is kind and respectful. If Maggie has the time to still provide, she will. If you run late, you are responsible for paying full amount of time and services you scheduled with her. 

 When you are respectful towards Goddess Maggie, her space and her time, you will receive the same respect in return.