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 Guidance and Coaching 

August 05, 2022

When you make your appointments with me and have a specific purpose, do make sure to state this in comment section on contact form, or at the very least, in one of your first emails with me. Otherwise I will not know your intention for wanting to experience Tantra.  

Depending upon your reasoning will depend on how I will move forward with you. I get excited when I find out there is something specific you want to learn, gain, grow as a man, woman, partner, husband, wife ..... Human Being. I am a Tantra Practitioner. ALL true Tantra Practitioners are counselors/guides/coaches/teachers. When I give you suggestions on what to do or not do, it is for you, so that you can become better at whatever it is you want to become better at. Just like any professional who helps others gain more awareness of self, it gets very frustrating when we find out you don't follow through with our suggestions. It's just like you going to a Personal Trainer that you pay and then don't listen to them when they teach you proper form or breathing. 

You pay me for the time you spend with me. When I provide advice and feedback and you then say, "I'll try", that is someone who completely did not take my words of wisdom and knowledge to heart. Using the word try is a cop out. It's you saying you give up. That you in all honesty do not want to bother. Listen to any great sage. They all say the word try is an excuse to stay stuck. In the very moment you say: "I'll try," you give up! You choose to stay stuck. 

Do this exercise:

Say out loud and feel the difference in your mind and body:

I am doing this!

I will do this!

I'll try to do this. 

Which one resonates at the higher level? 

The first sentence resonates at the higher level because it puts it in the present time that you are doing it. 

The second sentence puts what you want to do off into the future. The future is ALWAYS ahead of you. This means you will always be running and /or fighting for something that's ahead of you. You will never earn what you have to run or fight for. You earn what you want BY DOING!! Not trying. We do things. We don't try things. You don't try to get out of bed. You take action to get out of bed. You don't try to make or eat a sandwich. You actually make and eat a sandwich. You don't try work. You do work. Even if someone is a paraplegic or missing a limb, they do not try at anything. They WORK at accomplishing something. They may fail a few times but they don't give up WHEN they have a strong desire to WANT to accomplish something. Period. End of story. 

I then realize I just wasted my time informing the person the advice I gave. If you want help, you must really want it. All that being said; do not complain about something in your life when you're not even wanting to make that part of your life better!! You choose your life with every single step you take; good, bad, neutral, or indifferent. 

As a Tantra Practitioner, I have a lot to offer to those who sincerely want to learn and change. 


Do not use your age as an excuse. In every profession I've had, there has always been people who use age as an excuse. I call it out as it is. It is bullshit. 

Do not view me as just some hands on massage/bodyworker. This is not the place.

If you have experienced my hands on work, then you most likely have felt the heart of me caring for you through my touch! I care more for your soul then taking some chance that your feelings or ego will be hurt. You don’t have to believe or agree with anything I say. But why would you do that when you specifically have asked me to help you get to somewhere you want to be? Don't attack the teacher who actually wants to HELP YOU.

I have over thirty years in the health and wellness industry. Have helped transform hundreds of  lives!! I would greatly appreciate you take me seriously. I won't take your emotional, mental, and spiritual life seriously if you won't. When I see that you are not taking it seriously (as this is based on your actions, behaviors and words) I must as a business owner and healer, reconsider keeping you on as a client. 

Till then!!

Why choose Maggie 

January 11, 2022

So you may ask yourself, why should I choose Maggie? Let me first explain that when you're in the decision process of who to go to for any form of bodywork, but even more specifically when choosing Tantric bodywork, it really is imperative you as a potential client follow the protocol each provider requires. I am no different. Any coercion on your part to give what you deem necessary for screening purposes is, quite frankly, uncalled for.

When you reach out to us and we send you screening information, it is your duty to read very carefully what is expected of you in order to be considered to be seen by Maggie. It is disheartening when we find out you decide to provide what you want verses the options we send you. 

When you are in Maggie's space, she is the one in control because it is her business. You wouldn't think to run the auto mechanic shop you take you vehicles too. Don't do it at Maggie's place. 

Maggie can not help you if you are not willing to be helped or willing to learn from her. 

This site clearly states Maggie is not GFE or FS. If you are expecting that type of service, move on and find someone else, cause we do not put up with that shit. 

We will end with this. We respect and admire Rachel Richards, the milking table expert. We've read many of her blogs. She's blunt and frank just as Maggie is. Perhaps if you've read this far, you should read some of her blogs. 

Till then!!

So....what IS Tantra?? 

December 8, 2021

First and foremost Tantra work is about reaching deeper levels of your own consciousness. There are multiple ways to reach that point and each practitioner may and can work differently. Individuals and couples seek Tantra for a multitude of reasons. It is very unique. In my experience with couples it's because they want to enhance and learn more on how to increase their intimacy. Intimacy is NOT sex. There is intimacy and there is sexual intimacy. Two very different aspects of one's lives. One can touch another's face and it be a very intimate moment. Intimacy is also more than touch. Although some form of touch is extremely intimate, so is honest real communication. ALL relationships will die when one lacks communicating. And what I mean by dying, it happens right before someone stops communicating from their heart space which is a space of willingness to be vulnerable. The dying of a relationship happens on a subtle level and it ALL boils down to lack of proper communication skills. It's called fear. If you don't have what you desire from your spouse, then one must ask themselves "What is it AM I fearing?" People choose to lie to themselves. And yes, if one is honest with self, they are aware. They are just choosing to not accept that about themselves. And in so, they don't move forward. They may think they are moving forward but to often what they end up finding out later in life (meaning older than you are right now, today 😁) they realize they weren't. 

Communicating and talking are two very different things. Anyone can talk, but not many actually communicate. Communication requires vulnerability. If you want to communicate effectively then remove yourself from your ego. This goes for both male and female on a global level. 

Too many people use words loosely. Words such as love, honor, respect, and friend are commonly mis-used. There is a difference between being friendly and having a friend. Like all relationships, they require time, going through good and bad times and not walking away in a bad time. Even 'bad time' is perceived differently because all of us generally perceive what we want to think something is, rather than confirming with what the other person thought. It's not healthy to label someone as a friend on the first day you meet them. Or even on the second, third, or tenth time you meet with them. You, I, and others can be friendly, kind, and caring to each other but it doesn't make that someone a friend. A friendship is developed (not assumed) over time. 

I can get along, be kind, caring, and friendly to just about anyone. But please do not mistake me as a friend. At the end of the day I'm a professional therapist to you. A client friend my dears. Not a friend friend. Have I ended up making friends over the years in this work with some of my clients? Yes, I actually have. The thing is, when that has happened it has been over the course of years, not over the course of a few sessions. 

I am friendly with all I meet because the root of Tantra is connecting with others on a soul level. Not the physical level. 

Tantra is reaching other levels of consciousness through touch. 


October 21, 2021

So what happens in an immersion? An immersion is a place for you to relax, unwind, learn, receive bodywork, coaching, teachings, ask questions to become more educated spiritually and emotionally about birth, life, death and after death. It's main purpose is to help you grow in one's soul that ultimately brings better understanding about yourself, what you do or have done in life, what you can do now to change thought processes that enable you to have more (or different choices) on how to view yourself in the world. It can also be used to help you face your fears surrounding trauma in your life. Hence the reasoning around the bodywork that is included. 

All of us have experienced trauma in some form or another and each of us deals with it in our own unique way for the better of our souls or not. All decisions we make in life will either help us grow or stagnate our growth. A trauma for one person may not be a trauma for another person. Traumas are the little 't' and the big 'T'. Most of us understand what the big "T's" are. Such as sexual and physical abuse, traumatic vehicular accidents, coming from an alcoholic and/or drug addicted family or loss of a loved one. Little traumas may be the breaking up of a relationship, sudden moves, change/loss of employment. Traumas are as far and wide as the mind can imagine and they are stored in body tissue. Talking does NOT remove trauma(s). Bodywork does! Combining the two using ONE therapist/practitioner greatly enhances the ability for release of negative energies associated with the trauma(s). 

Goddess Maggie herself has experienced both sexual and domestic abuse by the two most important men in her life. (Do not pity Maggie. It was forever ago. Over. Done. Period) She only mentions this because she can relate to others who have experienced similar situations and why she is capable of helping. She is on the other side. 

Immersions are one on one in a safe sacred setting that is free from alcohol or cigarette use. 


Respect in and out of Sessions 

September 30, 2021

After you have had your first session with Maggie and have interest in seeing her again, the best and fastest way to reach her is through either a phone call or text. This phone call or text is for scheduling purposes only. It is to work together on finding a day, time, and length of session desired. 

Maggie reads all emails. Any email that is rude, crude, sexual verbiage in any form describing what you'd like to see happen or details about what you did with someone else is uncalled for. That type of behavior is certainly not welcomed and is highly disrespectful. 

One of the reasons we say this is because we recently had three emails come through from a new client that saw Maggie one time. He was vulgar in his description of what he supposedly did with someone who was 30 years his junior. As well, he described what he would have preferred from Maggie. In addition, he made accusations that were unequivocally false. This person has been blocked, banned, and reported. We do not tolerate disrespect in any form whatsoever. We believe in Karma. Individuals who treat us like this indeed will experience the consequences of their behavior. Not one human is exempt from the Karmic forces. 

This site Maggie has put together is for gentlemen. It is not for those who are looking for a girlfriend experience or anything that you would expect from an escort. A real gentlemen would never even think about behaving in such a way. Real gentlemen have the means to be with her and respect her at all times: before, during, and after sessions. They do not complain about her fees, ask her to lower her fees, ask for discounts or to give them free services. They respect her when they text or call her for an appointment. They don't ask for 'favors'. They don't expect more from her than what she offers on this site. They respect her time. They respect her boundaries and would never with intention cross over them. They respect her when she says no.  

This is not an escort service. 

We state this again and as often as necessary to drive this point across: 

ANY form of disrespect is not tolerated. 


Business Protocol Respect 

September 18, 2021

When you contact Maggie for an appointment on this website, by doing so you agree that you have read her site, in which you are aware of the way in which she operates her business. 

If you are a new client, it is of utmost importance that you respect and follow the process. 

  1. Read as much of this website as possible
  2. Take the time to research Tantra 
  3. Read this site more than once
  4. You agree and acknowledge you are 30 or over
  5. If you have seen other providers, provide Maggie their name, website, and email so we can confirm with the provider/s you've seen.
  6. When calling or texting for an appointment Maggie ONLY needs day, time, and length of session. 

Maggie takes her business and work seriously, as we trust you as well take your own vocation seriously. 

Treat Maggie and her business as you would any other business: respect her, respect her business, respect the way in which she operates it. 

ANY form of disrespect is not tolerated. Maggie has the right to disengage with any client should they disrespect her at any given time. DO NOT tease or 'joke' when it comes to Maggie's business, services, time, fees. Any such behavior is flagged as inappropriate and you take the risk of not being seen by Maggie again. Examples of disrespecting her business include the following but not limited to the following:

a. asking for 'more' than what is offered on this site  

b. asking to pay less than what is stated on this site 

c. refusing to adhere to her screening 

d. joking/teasing to pay half of her fee 

e. thinking/expecting you're special in order to manipulate Maggie into giving you more

f. expecting free services 

At the end of the day, this is a business! Maggie is a professional. Just because Maggie is down to earth, sexy and sensual, does not mean at any time that you as a client can 'play', 'tease', 'joke' with her about her business. It is very disrespectful to play, tease, or joke when it comes to business maters. 

Quantum Field

Our Latest Blog Entry

Sept 6, 2021

Welcome to my blog where you will find either me or my assistant providing you information from how to best understand and respect Maggie, her space, her time, and business. 

Here you will also be provided additional information about energy work, will be given examples to learn energy in it's unseen world from a physical perspective that we trust you will gain an understanding or a better understanding. 

So let's start by saying everything IS energy.

Everything you see, hear, taste, and do is energy. Water is energy. Fire is energy. Air is energy. Earth is energy. If air did not have energy all humans simply would cease to exist! When we breathe in air it allows our heart to beat, our veins filled with blood to move into all other parts of our body. Some of the air we breathe in (as you know), is more clean in some areas than others. The dirtier the air, the dirtier our insides can become simply due to the toxic levels in the air we breathe.  Some people move from one location to another simply because the air quality is cleaner. Some things, like air, is uncontrollable to a certain extent unless your field of work revolves around creating ways to make better quality of air for us humans to breathe.

We can't control the air we breathe BUT we can and absolutely have control over what we put into our mouths. If you are a smoker, you in all reality are making willing and conscious choices to POISON YOURSELF. This poison affects your own energy levels, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and cognitively. When we actually take some time to think about what we are doing we have the power to make different choices for change! And this my dear friends affects our energy levels. 

It's like a circle. What we put in must come out. The cigarettes people put their hands and fingers to, they then bring to their mouth and ingest/pull in the tobacco which then travels down through the esophagus and into the lungs. Every millimeter it travels through does become infected let's say, because it's a strong word to grab your attention, is harming you. When you release the smoke out of your nose or mouth you infect the air not only you breathe but other people breathe. Which then of course can harm others. Some of those others you do not know. Some of those others are your friends and family. Some of those others ARE YOUR CHILDREN!! So please if you are a smoker, do not lie to yourself or others when you make claims that you do not cause harm to other people. When someone makes claim that they do not harm other people and they are a smoker, quite frankly and bluntly, you are lying to yourself! 

Humans lie to themselves all the time because we, in all honesty, are not willing to accept the fact that we are part of the problem because of lack of responsibility. There's nothing  wrong about being shameful when deep down on the inside we know said behavior is accurate. Since we do deep down know the truth of such behavior, we are the only ones that have the powerful choice to choose differently something that is healthy. 

Our very thoughts is an energy we put out, like it or not. Our thoughts don't just stay put in our own heads. Thoughts travel from the mind out into the cosmic forces that carry these thoughts towards other things and even people. Everyone's thoughts is like an etheric world directly above the physical. Imagine for a moment (yeah just do it for the sake of following through on an exercise) that you are seeing trillions of words above peoples' heads. In your mind line up 20 people in a straight row and see these zillions of words above these 20 people like a cloud. Imagine some of those words are loving, caring, kind words. What do you think that would look and feel like to your heart? Now imagine some of the words atop the heads of these 20 people are hard, cold, unkind, and uncaring words. What do you think that would look and feel like to your heart? Now, in the day and age we are currently living in, what do you think is the majority? The loving and kind words or the cold and unkind words? DO NOT ANSWER SO QUICKLY! Think reality! Not what you think you want to see or would like to see, but the actual reality knowing what you know IS going on in the world. No matter what answer you come to the conclusion of, what is it that YOU can do right in the here and now, to help YOUR OWN SELF become a better man, woman, parent, friend, HUMAN BEING. And then GO DO IT!!

Rest assured, the subject of energy is a long one and will require many more blogs to get into other avenues of what energy is that is used for one's advantage and disadvantage. 

Till next time adieu! 

Types of Men 

August 22, 2021

There are five types of men which I have encountered in the 13 years I have been doing my work in this business.

  1. Married Men
  2. Single Men
  3. Widowed Men
  4. Men who want to genuinely learn and grow
  5. Those who view me as an extension of an asian parlor.

So let me explain further about these four different types and which I best prefer working with.

Married men! Okay Now there is always going to be more to the story than what meets the eye. Under this section therein lies sub-categories.

a. Some of them are just downright cheaters who don't really care about doing whatever they want to do in order to please their selfish desires.

b. Some honestly do love their wives but their wife has chosen to not give her husband physical love and attention.

c. Some wives are not able to give physical attention due to sincere health conditions.

d. Some couples have an open relationship. Whether they are polyamorous or swingers.

Single MEN

There are some single men who do not have girlfriends simply out of choice who still know they want and need touch, and so they seek Tantra Therapy.

Widowed Men

A widowed man who was happily married for a very long time who seeks companionship, touch, care, loving understanding and compassion.

​Men who want to genuinely learn and grow

Men who sincerely and genuinely want to learn and grow not just as a man, but as a human being. They are eager to learn what they themselves can do to learn about the energies within their own body so they can learn about themselves! They aren't self serving in a negative way. They want to learn about their mind/body/spiritual connection first and foremost for the relationship they have with themselves so that they then can work on creating better relationships with others around them. Sometimes that is with their GF or with a wife. Sometimes that is with the relationships they have with anyone they converse with. Since learning about energy and Tantra, it is something that works in ALL PARTS OF ONE'S LIFE.

Those who view me as an extension of an Asian Parlor.

Those who view me as an extension of an Asian Parlor are not my cup of tea. So that type of guy is simply not worth my time because of his selfish playing the game of getting what he wants when he wants it and how. It is this type of individual that needs to look somewhere else as I will not tolerate to be looked at, treated, or thought of as such. It is a disrespect to me and the profession as a whole.

Maggie seeks the most from those who are widowed or single needing comfort. She also seeks and has empathy for married men who's wives refuse to give them touch. A man can only tolerate so much before he seeks elsewhere. Maggie realizes it is not necessarily the man's fault. Too often the wife does not take responsibility for HER BEHAVIORS. Yes, shame on her for consciously, willingly, and purposefully not making love 💕 to her husband. 

Our Latest Blog Entry

August 6, 2021

In this weeks blog I wanted to focus on women.

Women who come to see me I've experienced a couple different scenarios. First one being that they are more sincere in wanting help with their own lack of sexual desire, in wanting to understand and heal from traumas in their life. It is my belief that 100% of females have encountered sexual harassment in their life by the time they have reached their late 20's. Our situation is a catch 22. We want to look beautiful, not just for ourselves, but in the eyes of the opposite sex so we get out hair done, wear makeup, get manicures and pedicures. Be physically active in some way for the health of our body. We do want both our insides and outsides taken care of. We do these things not just for ourselves, but for our partner, or boyfriend, or husband. But you see, when men come on to us based on our looks (because THAT is the very thing we all see) way to often it comes across as the man simply wanting us for our bodies and not our intellect. THAT gets real old, real fast! No woman really wants that. When men continue to act in this way, they end up pushing the real women away. And so us women get even more frustrated because many of us do want a relationship where the male is going to treat us with honor and respect. It is not difficult to respect females. Be kind. Be courteous. Be nice. If you're going to compliment, compliment sincerely and genuinely without the smirks or eye widening. Females actually do pay attention to a man's tone of voice, what they say, how they say it, along with any type of body language. 

As I've said before, it's all about energy.

Second scenario of why women come to see me is that it's not about trauma, but about experiencing another woman's sensual touch where she reaches orgasmic bliss. 

Men, there are women who are more open than you think about receiving sensual bliss by going to a practitioner such as myself. You need to actually ask her! Both sides staying quiet, not mentioning something one wants to do or is considering doing, is FEARFUL behavior. A lot of you men tell me you don't have fear. Such a lie when you lack asking your wife or partner QUESTIONS. It's called communication! If you are questioning/fearful of asking the woman you are with or are married to, questions, then simply put you are NOT ready for any type of real relationship, and/or you are with the wrong person. No one ever ever should be fearful about asking questions to the one one is in a relationship with. It is how you get to know someone and if that someone is an individual you want to spend more time with. 

Both men and women jump into 'relationships' haphazardly way to soon out of emotion. That simply is not a healthy way to go about it. Relationships require time. Jumping in and having sex is not the way to have a relationship. What that is is a continual hook up. It is always best to be honest with the other person with what YOU are looking for and what YOU are not looking for. If both people are on the same page, then go for it. 

Till next time!! '; ) 

What Maggie IS

August 3, 2021

Maggie is one that can not be labeled or put in a box. When you see Maggie for the services she offers, do know that she can offer to you knowledge about relationships, spirituality, sensuality, birth, life, and death.  This IS why she offers her excursion and immersions. It's not just for physical comfort. It is also a place that provides you a safe space to converse with her about what's going on so she can advise you on what to do, what not to do, what not to say, what to say, etc. It is a service intended to help you better yourself as a man or woman, but more so as a human being. Maggie cares more for people's souls than anything else in this world. 

She has been awake and on this path for decades. Her ability to tap into your physical body when she touches you can be profound. But this is because she actually does have sincere and genuine concern for you as not just a man or woman, but as a HUMAN BEING. She's always been able to bring depth to the relationships she's had in this life, long before she started doing the services she offers here on this site.

Over the course of her doing this work for the past fourteen years, men have opened up to her about personal relationship matters where she was able to help him understand his wife better within twenty minutes of talking verses the six or eight months of clinical psychotherapy. That being said, when she offers you guidance and advice, you might want to actually take her seriously. She has a lot of knowledge regarding the psyche of men and women. 

No one relationship will ever be perfect. Just like anything in life we want to be successful in, we must not just care, we must actually communicate and do something positive about the situation in order for it to work, to grow, to change. STOP putting ALL of your energy into your work and then not applying that energy into your relationships in life, especially if you are married! Shame on any man that out right goes out of his way to cheat on his wife. If you had actually communicated with her perhaps you would not be where you are right now! There is a big difference between talking and communicating. If more couples actually cared to communicate we simply would not be seeing the amount of divorces happening in this world. BOTH people are at fault when there is a divorce. 

If you are a man or a woman reading this and you are thinking you had no part in the demise of your marriage, then simply put, it is a sign you have chosen to not give any reflection into yourself to see what it is you have done or not done that led to divorce.  People make choices all day long in their life. People choose to bottle their thoughts up. We all know when we keep things bottled up there will be a day of explosion. SO DON'T BOTTLE UP!! It's simple. Release doesn't just happen through sexual release during intercourse or masturbation. Actually at times when a man (or woman to btw) acts in this way, it can backfire. It backfires because that person is focusing on the energy of the root and sacral chakra and not the heart and throat chakra. The act of speaking is the throat chakra (uh duh). The heart ♥️is what we use when we speak out of a caring center with sincere genuineness.  

Universal Energy 

July 24, 2021

Maggie's services on this site are here to serve in several ways. From the relaxing intimate touch embracing all of who you are, to relationship coaching and spiritual guidance. If you have being doing any research on Tantra, you will have found that it encompassaes a wide and broad area of life. Most people Maggie has found think to believe that Tantra always has something to do with sexuality. This is a false narrative that many humans do which creates boxes coming from a limited mind.

When Maggie speaks with her new potential clients when they ask her what Tantra is she speaks to them coming from this broad perspective. Tantra, at it's core, is all about the Universal Life Force within all of us. To even attempt to begin to understand it, we need to start from looking at it from the bird's eye view before scaling down into the individual's human body. We need to look macro-cosmically so that we can look micro-cosmically. This Universal Energy is both macro and micro. To help one understand the micro, we need to look at the macro. To understand the macro, we need to look at the micro. They are united together in their wondrous separateness. Not necessarily 'separate' per se but individually unique in, around, and without in the unified field within the Universe we live in. Like it or not, we truly are all one. The thing is, we all uniquely have our own individuality using our FREE WILL to make choices in life; good, bad, or indifferent. And at some point, all of us will, do, and must, face all of those parts of us. 

If you do not agree (because that is a free will choice to agree or disagree) doesn't matter. It would be like saying the sun is not the sun when we know it is there because we can see it with our eyes and feel the heat of the sun on our skin. The sun kisses us with it's warmth. 

This all being said, it's important to trust the process. It's important to come without having expectations. If and when you have questions or concerns, it is imperative that you voice them. For if it is not voiced then you keep the issue/concern/problem inside. Any time we keep things inside, it does indeed eat at us on the inside. Your own emotional bugs doing their creepy crawly business in your organs, in your flesh, in the tissues of the human carcas of a body. 

We are much more than the human body we reside in. Some people call it spirit. Some people call it soul. Some people call it chi, or ki, or prana, or any number of other names. It all boils down to energy. 

Tantra is about energy. The human body we can also look at from a macro and micro level. The human body as a whole - it's form and foundation. The atoms and cells thought of as the micro. Even an atom itself can be viewed as a macro-organism as we can go deeper and further down into the sub-atomic particles. 

So for now, just think of this when you think of Tantra. Perhaps now instead of viewing Tantra as just some sensual massage (which right there is completely misconstrued due to a human's limited mind taken into bondage from the human's destructive and constrictive mindset), you'll make time to think about thinking on it!!

Namaste :)